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School Counseling

Addressing and meeting students' educational and developmental needs

The school counseling program is an integral part of the total educational process in the school and is accessible to all students. The school counseling program consists of activities that address and meet students’ various educational and developmental needs. The school counseling program is developed as a result of a thorough analysis of student needs, desired achievement goals, and related data. The school counseling program prepares students to meet the challenges and demands of the school setting as well as prepare them for success beyond high school.

The goal of each school counseling program is to ensure student success in three broad domains: academic, career, and personal/social development.

School counselors assume the leadership role for managing and implementing the comprehensive school counseling program in their school. School counselors are responsible for the systematic delivery and evaluation of structured developmental counseling services to all students. School counselors work directly with students, individually and in small groups, to deal with unique or problem-centered concerns that require more privacy or attention than can be accommodated in structured guidance activities. School counselors serve students indirectly by acting as consultants to administrators, teachers, parents, and others to help them understand and respond to the developmental, emotional, and social needs of students. School counselors coordinate various activities within the school that are related to student welfare. Appropriate referrals, placements, and follow-ups are activities that are particularly pertinent to counseling.    

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